May 23, 2012

What speed do you read?

A fellow Hungarian blogger posted a site, where you can compare your reading speed with the US residents average. My result was 3% above the average, which is - I think - not so bad.
After the reading of a short page you'll give 3 questions to be answered. This'll check you read that page or not. Dear followers/readers I'm curious about your performance also. What speed do you read?

Update: You can set up the story, the fontsize and the lenght of text before test. Only you have to click into to gear icon at the upper right side of the frame.
(I have to add my reading speed in the case of a Hungarian text maybe a little bit faster.)

May 19, 2012

Am I geek enough?

Sometimes I just wondering how geek I am. I don't know, I'm very unsure the answer. Maybe I just put on the wrong questions. Am I a geek? Or I just want to be a geek? Or not?

First, I love any kind of electronic gadgets. I'm so lucky to be an owner of iPad 2, and I have admit I love it! But it isn't jailbreaked (yet?). As I have a smartphone with android OS, which is not rooted (yet?). Maybe I'm not really geek or not brave enough to be a real gadget-geek. (Sadly, I have to mention last week somebody stole my wife smartphone.) My love towards to any kind of computer and computer games is a well-known thing. I love look in to the case of PC's and identifying, upgrading the parts of it.

At my Hungarian blog I many times wrote about boardgames. It add an anothet geek-factor to my personality. 10 years ago I said the boardgames are stupid things and they just for kids/children. It's not true! Maybe a boardgame just a game as the name suggest it us, but it means great fun. I bought dozens of boardgames at the past five year, and nowday I live them better than the computer games. Unfortunatelly I haven't got chance to play with many geekish one as Battlestar Galactica or the famous Arkham Horror, but my favorite is a real tough game, the Race for the Galaxy.
I'm owner of 43 boardgame (excluded expansions), but I really count as a boardgame geek?

When I was teenager I bought many comicbooks. I adored for the colorful advantures of X-men, Spiderman, Superman or the mighty Transformers, as I had eagerly read less know comics like Bobo or Góliát. But somehow this devotion is suddenly disapeared. I don't remember the reason of, but something is changed. From an exact point I hadn't bought any comics for a long time, while at 2009 I bought the Watchmen series. Suprise! My all time comicbook adoptation is this movie! The Sin City was great, the new comicsmovies were great (Iron man, Captain America, Thor, etc) and I liked the Spiderman movies, but my personal favourite is still the Watchmen. I have to admit I haven't seen yet The Avengers, but I don't think it will change my mind... But who knows?

I always was a big science-fiction and fantasy fan (I'm sure I'll write about it later), which is still strenghten the geek-factor in me. 

So, as you see from my short post I love doing geek things. But may I say to myself "I'am a geek"? Or am I geek enough?

May 14, 2012

First Loves Blogfest

This is the first time when I participate a blogfest, so I'm very excited. I read about the First Loves Blogfest on Alex J. Cavanaugh blog, I decided to participate.
Movie: Star Wars - A New Hope
I was 9 or 10 years old, when I found the Empire Strikes Back cartoon at my father attic. The almost 15 years old comic completely amazed me, with it pictures and story. But this was the 5th(!) episode of a long saga, so I started to search after the other episodes. I found out this Hungarian comic is just the copy of a whole film-series called Star Wars, so I found a new mission: I wanted to watch the films.
In the end of the 1980 years there weren't internet yet, the only solution was the VHS or the satellite channels. I got the Star Wars A New Hope on VHS, with German language. I didn't understand a single word about it, but I loved it! I watched that tape many times within a week!
It takes years when I had oportunity to watch the A New Hope and sequels of it (Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi) in Hungarian. I love all part of the classic trilogy! The problems begin with the new ones...

Music: RMB - Experience
I always love the rave music, with it's high BMP number and the vibration. My favorite bands played very great songs when I was 15-18 years old, but great years of rave music is faded very fast. But still I really love listen this "old" songs.
My favorite formation called RMB and my most favourite song from them is the Experience.
Enjoy! ;)

Book: Dragons of Autumn Twilight by Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman
I read many books when I was young. I wrote about them at this blog, and mentioned some milestone book of me. My first, very big love was the Dragons of Autumn Twilligh by Weis & Hickman. It was suprising experience which I never known before. This book means the enter to the world of fantasy books.

Person: My wife
Yes, she was my really first love...

May 4, 2012

Reading lamp... with solar power

Some months ago I had decided to buy a reading lamp myself. At home we almost replaced the old lightning bulbs to envinroment friendly solutition, mostly to LED lamps. The big advantage of LED technology is the low energy consumption (cca 3 Watts/hour).

My initial was I buy only LED-"bulb" to one of my reading lamp. Then I realized I had got enough reading lamp at home, so I started to seach a lamp with bulb. My first tought was the ebay. I found so many LED-lamps as I can imagine. As I had been browsing between the deals I ran into a solar-charging solution. The idea of this device is brilliant!

I purchased it from China, so I had had to wait some weeks before it arrived.

At daylight it is charging from the energy of the sun. Unfortunatelly - according to the manual - the fully recharging state takes for 16 hours. But is environment-friendly solution. Because the other way is changing though USB-cable (then the fully recharging time modified into 3 hours).

According to (and strictly according to) the manual after the fully recharging the lamp can light up 6-8 hours. It's not really true! If you're lucky, you can use it for 1 or 2 hours. From a certain point the light of the LEDs will reduce. However not sudenly, but gradually. It's more than perfect to me. I usually read 20-40 minutes per nights, so it's OK.

You can read a full description with details from this page. After a month usage I said it was worth to buy.