Oct 5, 2012

Ticket to Ride Europe

One of the most easiest and popular boardgame in every corner of the world is the Ticket to Ride series/family (Zug um Zug at Germany). You can play it with friends or play with against artificial intelligence of a phone, tablet or personal computer. But the real fun when you play it with your friends gathering around a big table.

If you not familiar with boardgames or you not like them, then you can still give a chance for the Ticket to Ride or the Ticket to Ride Europe. I have the Europe version of it, because it add a little more spice to the gameplay. I won't introduce all of the rules, I just wanted to tell about this game briefly.

The major components:
- 45pcs (+3 reserve) plastic trains in 5 colour
- 3pcs stations in 5 colour
- main destination cards
- regular destination cards
- a gameboard with a map on it
- lot of train cars

The goal:
You draw 1 main destination card and 3 shorter destination card in the begining of the game. You have to keep the main destination card and choose least 2 shorter destionation cards from the 3, and this will be your primary goal. You have to build train routes with the help of the train cards. Each route have a value. If you accomplish the building of a route between the to city indicated on the card you'll give the point. If you not, you will loose that amount. At the end of the game the most points win!

A round:
At your round you can do 4 things:
1. You can draw another 3 destination card and keep least 1.
2. You can build a road with the help of your traincard in your hand.
3. You can draw 2 train card blind from the deck or 2 from the 5 face-up ones from the table
4. You can build a station.

The last turn start, when somebody left only 2 or less plastic trains.

The rules are quite easy, but the fun factor of this game is high. With this game you can easily know the major city of Europe (or USA at the original version), you can build long train routes and defeat your fellow players.

I highly recommended this game for casual and heavy gamers at well. I think this is my wife (at the right side of the picture) favourite boardgame.