Mar 23, 2012


I had been thinking a while, when I finally decide to start a new blog, but in English.

It'll be a hard task, because my native language is Hungarian, and I have been to lazy to learn the proper basic of English language. I think I have great enough of passive vocabulary, but is not active. When I want to express my thoughs I allways forget the proper words and use the wrong English grammar elements. So, I'd like to apologize to my followers about my English.

I think it will be a great experiment to test and improve my skills. Because reading in English is not a hard thing. Sometimes I have to use dictionary, but usally I can understand the meaning of the new words without it, from the context. In additional I translated many computer games from English to Hungarian. As I know the sum of my typed and translated characters is over the 10.000.000.

For example I take part of the translation of the Icewind dale 1 and 2 (included add-ons), the Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, and many small titles.

I don't decided yet about the content of this blog. Maybe it will be same, or the English mirror of my primary, Hungarian blog. I don't know yet, but I'm still on fire to start and run a blog in English. Reviewing books, boardgames and other thing won't be easy, but - I think - I worth a try.

A short explanation about the title of my new blog. I choose myself this stupic nickname (RaveAir) during my high school years. I love the rave music and I was a real raver that time. The "Air" part of my nick came from the basketball. I don't have to say who was the original "Air" in the NBA. I allways wanted to fly under and over the basket...

I decided to split my nickname, because some of my friends call me a shorter nick to "Rave". As I know the meaning of "On the Air" is the following: currently transmitting; live; - used of radio and television broadcasts, to indicate that the images and sounds being picked up by cameras and microphones are being broadcast at the present moment." So I'd like to broadcast my thoughs, my opinions to you... and I'm currently working the business of terrastial broadcasting of TV and Radio channels.

I started this blog to reach much more people over the world. My primary blog will remain in Hungarian. (I think it's a good idea to share my opinion about books written in English on Hungarian language, and introducing new, mostly unknown authors, books, boardgames to my readers on that blog.) This blog will be a little bit different, it will be English. So stay tuned...


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Don't forget the Google Friends Connect widget so we can follow.

ediFanoB said...


I think it is a good decision. Your English will improve as I know from ym experience and you will still makes mistakes which I also know from my experience.

It is a challenge to improve active vocabulary without using the language in daily life. Writing is an opportunity.

Anyway I added your new blog to my Google Reader.

And I would have been your second follower after Alex. But there is no option to follow your blog.

Good luck!

It would be a pleasure to do something together with you.

Maybe we can each other write a guest post.

RaveAir said...

Thank you for the visiting this new blog and encouraging my efforts. I just only hope to have energy to run this blog.

I added the mentioned gadget, and as I see there are left many things to set up yet.

ediFanoB: I completely agree with you! I have a French boss at my workplace, but barely have time to meet him. I just say 1 or 2 sentences per week and that is not enough. It is allways hard to me to speak English if I have to. Sometimes I completely freezing. I understand the questions and I know what should have to say, but it's not easy to start speaking...

Maybe this blog will help me to improve my English.

ediFanoB said...

And now you have your first follower :-)

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