Aug 26, 2012


I have admit I quite lazy about doing things. Mostly I like spent my sparetime with passive thing with watching series/film or reading books. But I'm running some projects pararell in my active sparetime, and I'd like to tell some words about them in my blog. I put it them different categories.

Because my whole family is a gameboad geek nest, it's almost obvious I'll try to do something like that. In my previous post I wrote about the bedtime tales spiced with a small portion roll/role-playing. I came to the conclusion I'd like to improve it further, with creating a map, with random events and 'children-friendly monsters'. It's a little bit funny, because many bad, horrible thing happens in the tales. There you can find hereos and the enemies of the heroes (villains, monsters, other bad things). There are many confrontations which have to solve with force or use of the cunningness of the mind. I'd like to implements these items and factors to my boardgame. I'm in the very beginning of it, but I have many good ideas and concepts.

At the past I translated many computer games from English to Hungarian. Translating things to my native language is not so hard thing, it only depends on the understanding of the original texts, and write them on Hungarian. Usually I have freedom enough to from the things as I'd like. There were some non-official translation (I did them voluntary without any payment from anyone) where I didn't translate everything words by words, and I Hungarising the texts not translating.
My last official translation was the Sacred 2: Fallen Angel, which is an Diablo-clone. The creators of the game were German, which means the original texts were German too. First the developers translated the texts to English then sent them to the translators of many countries to modify the texts to their language such as French, Italian or Hungarian. It was interesting because we got the original German texts are well, and we saw there are many difference compared to the English. So we had some hard, cumbersome time with the translation of the game, but the final product was really great. At the end my colleauge and me translated nearly 1 million English words to Hungarian.
Unfortunatelly the Hungarian distributor didn't agreed the term of distributing of the expansion of the game, so you can't buy Sacred 2 Ice & Blood and Gold from the local shops. We didn't get any support from the developers of th troubled company. We had offered them to translated the texts of the expansion for free, if we got translation tools but they refused.
But a German team wanted to pimp the game for the fans. They added to the game new monsters, quests and texts which means they've got a translation tool. Fortunatelly I got it from them, so I can export and import the texts I like. Now I'm at the 2/3 of the texts of the expansion. I hope I'll finish it this year.

I deceided to participate a novell-writing contest. I have to write a short novell with 5000-20000 words in fantasy or sci-fi genre, but in western style (like Firefly). In the story itself must be a sheriff, a priest and a dynamite. I almost finished with it, but there lot things to do with it. BUT, I knowing myself well enough to rewrite the story every time, when I look into it.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Firefly style! That sounds like fun.
Translating from English from German sounds challenging right from the beginning. I'm sure there were a lot of mistakes.

Ciara said...

Firefly? Ah, but could that dream really come to reality. Another Firefly style work of fiction?

Jeremy Bates said...

Where do you find time to write for just contests? I don't have the time. Heck, I don't even have the time to play role playing games anymore. It's been years!

The only game I play occasionally is on my Android phone and then only when I am forced to wait on someone or something.

Good job on the translation!

Zoltán Gecse said...

@Jeremy: I haven't got much time to write, but I always have 1-2 hours sparetime per week to write some pages or just some sentences. But my head is full of the ideas and concepts.

Sanny said...

You participate in a novel-writing-contest? That's awesome. I'd like to do that, too. I am currently working on so much stuff, writing another play, a novel, and another script for a sitcom. I also have so much stuff in my mind, and now I'm glad I found another writer.

Since when do you write, and what else have you written? I'm really impressed, also about the board game. I also love board games and created a Sailor Moon game, when I was about 10 - very long time ago...

Maybe you'll come and visit my blog ;)

Zoltán Gecse said...

I'm not a writer, just an ordinary financial controller. :)
I was teenager when I last wrote something. As I remember it was a romance filled fantasy and with an poem. So, nothing serious. ;)

DMS said...

How fun! I love board games and used to get together with friends once a week for game night. :) How cool that you are so good at translations.