Jul 31, 2012

Busy weekend with Formula One race

Friday my wife and me travelled to my parents and left there our children, because we were ahead a quite busy weekend. It was a pleasent ~250km long drive.

We spent the Saturday morning with cleaning and cooking some cakes for the Arkham Horror boardgame party. These preparation was exhausting, but luckily we just finished with everything just in time. The Arkham Horror boardgame party (with four of my twitter-friends) had took almost 5 hours long. It was a very interesting and exciting cooperative game, but unfortunatelly Cthulhu defeat us at the end. I enjoyed very much my first cooperative boardgame experince, with fighting against strange demonic monster in the dark city of Arkham. I think I want to get this game, but unfornatelly it's a little bit expensive.

Sunday morning I had to get up early (6 a.m.) because I got a ticket for the Hungarian Formula One race from a friend of my wife. Thank you Adrienn!

Saturday evening was a big storm, which only calmed down to the next morning. The rain still spat, so after I had fueled my car I went to buy a raincoat. The way to the race track wasn't as crowded as I expected. I was lucky and found parking place easily. When Adrienn and me arrived the rain stopped... and the hot and deadly ray of the sun started to roast us to red. Unfortunately the path from the gate to our seat was very muddy and slippery, so it wasn't easy to go up and down downs around the track.

We found our seats just in time, so we could enjoy the first race event of the day, the GP3 race with one Hungarian driver. He was on the 14th place on the starting grid, but thanks for the wet race track and the well-timed change of tires he finished at the podium, at the 3rd position. Unfortunately it was the most exciting race of the day...

To the second race, with GP2 drivers, the race track was almost dry, so the racers didn't have to change tires during the race. Due to this the number of overtaking dropped drasticly and we saw a boring race.

Before the main event, the Formula 1 race, we saw a so-called Porsche Supercup race too, but this was also eventless. That followed by the parade of Formula 1 drivers. They travelled a whole lap on the platform of a truck. They were waving to the crowd and answering the questions of the interviewer.

45-30 minutes before the race the drivers were trying the start procedure. I made a short video about it with my phone.

The Formula 1 race stated at 14.00. The sound of the engines were incredible. Especially at the start! Alas the race was boring, due to the special characteristic of the race track. As many drivers said, "the Hungaroring is very similar to Monaco, but without houses". There is no good place to overtakings. Furthermore Schumacher, my personal favourite driver had a very bad luck that day.

The feeling of a Formula 1 race is indescribable. The racers, the cars, the sound of engines, the crowd, everything...

The driving back to the city was a quite long. The mass of the cars moved slowly on the road, but we luckily arrived to the Arena, when the concert of Bryan Adams started . I met there with my wife, handed over to her to my ticket (our F1 tickets are valid for this event too) and the keys of our car, and I went to the station of the underground. Then a quick storm, with heavy rain arrived... I was soaked though in an instant moment. Yes, I was lame and left my raincoat and umbrella at the car.

These made my day complete and put into a frame: soaked, burned and soaked again. But I enjoyed this weekend very much, and I hope I'll have oportunity to repeat it again soon.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Glad you had a good time. Ironically I live in the land of Nascar but I've never been to a race. And someone else recommended the Arkham Horror game. I need to try it.

ediFanoB said...

It makes fun to play together with other people. But I must say sometimes it is difficult to find the right people.

I never been to a Formula One race.
I know it from television.
Anyway it must be really noisy.

Good to read that you and your wife enjoyed your weekend without kids.

Once a while you need to spend time without the kids which does not mean you stopped to love them.

Have a great week.

Zoltán Gecse said...

@Alex J. Cavanaugh: You don't have to hurry, because this was the 26th Hungarian F1 Grand Prix in the row, and this was the first time when I visited it. Once I'd like to watch a Nascar and/or and Indy car racing weekend as well.
Arkham Horror is a very good game, if you like the role-playing game style boardgames. The theme of it is not entirely my genre, but I enjoyed very much.

@ediFanoB: I agree with you. Not easy to find the right people for boardgaming, but fortunately this was a very good team. Funny, but we met personaly this time first.

nutschell said...

wow! Must have been cool to see all these formula one cars race by!


Anonymous said...

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