Jul 11, 2012

Bye, bye, iGoogle!

I'm a big fan of Google. I love their apps/gadgets/sites like Google Docs, Google Maps, Blogger, Gtalk, Google Reader, etc. One of my favourite is the iGoogle.

Unfortunatelly Google announced they'll stop supporting this development at the future, and according the iGoogle page it will shut down 1st November 2013. I'm very-very sad, because this page, my startpage, is very usefull to me.

I can organize many things in one page. I have to push one (1!) F5 to refresh many important information to me like my incoming messages at GMail, the new Google Reader articles/posts, new twitter messages arrived to my account (TwitterGadget), some important bookmarks, shopping lists, etc. I think I'll have to find an alternative solution, an alternative page, where I can organize my important news sources.

Do you use iGoogle? Do you sad about the decision of Google? Or do you have alternative solution which can replace iGoogle?


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Sorry, I've never used it before. Bummer they are shutting it down. At least you have time to find a replacement.

ediFanoB said...

I do not use iGoogle.

An alternative could be Netvibes.

Have a look at following youtube videos:

Netvibes basic introduction

How to use Netvibes for your blogs, websites, news, sports and RSS feeds