Dec 30, 2012

Status report after Christmas


My three years old son had never been in cinema, but last week we went to watch a movie, The Rise of the Guardians. He and my daughter enjoyed very much the show, however I had small problems with it.
1. The Rise of the Guardians is for Americans. Some of the 'heroes' are mostly unknown or uncommon (Jack Frost, Sandman, Tooth fairy) for the Hungarians. Santa Claus visit the children in 6th of December, not Chrismas Eve (then a baby Christ coming with the presents).
2. The story was in the usual frame/template. We got almost nothing new, we got the well-know storyline with supriseless twists.
In spite of these this movie was fun, not just the kids, but for me as well.


During my long winter holiday (I have been home from 14th December... with the children.) I have time to watching films. I deceided to rewatch a great classic from my childhood, The Masters of the Universe. I had good memories when I first saw the adventures of He-Man. That was the day when I got my first Kinder Suprise! I remember how angry I was when the guests arrived and I had to cancel to watch that film...

The rewatch of The Masters of the Universe was shocking. The storyline, the costumes, the acting were ridiculus, but I still loved it. It was a little bit strange with complete dubbing, because first I watched one-man-dubbing on terrible monoton tune, with many missed or untranslated sentences.

I watched other films too (Mirror Mirror, The Dictator, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, etc) , but I don't want to blogging about them.


I finished with the 4th season of Fringe, and I started to watch Farscape (with the children) and Lost (with my wife). Fortunatelly my wife and me both hate the Christmast movies on tv, so we quickly finished the first season of Lost.


I won a short-story/novel collection with 10 writtings from a Hungarian publisher. It wasn't bad, but I wasn't fully satisfied with it. Somehow my favourite writtings from the 10 haven't won any awards, while the others yes.
I loved the story about the local superheroes in the Budapest's city steampunk version. The sour end of the novel - unfortunatelly - trully reflect the real Hungarian people.


Luckily the baby Christ was very generous this Christmas. We received a ton of games: Tales of the Arabian Nights, Arkham Horror.
And children got the followings:  ZoolorettoPiranhasBuckarooJack der KrähenschreckChâteau Roquefort

Dec 17, 2012

Busy and exhausting December

November was simply busy, but December is exhausting also...

In Hungary the national (annual of the revolution) and religious (Christmas) holidays have a special national treatment. If a holiday day in Tuesday or Thursday than we get the Monday or Friday for "free day", so it expand a little bit the weekends. But it have a negative effect of it also: there are some Saturday when we have to work these mentioned "free days".
Let see the modified agenda of December:
1st December was a workday (for exchange of the free 31 December)
15th December was a workday (for exchange of the free 24 December)
Is this common in your country too?

I was at home these Saturdays but it didn't mean any relaxing, because I was so bold to ask out the little ones from nursery and kindergarden. Moreover 8th December we were at a Christmas party held by the company where I work.

6th December was the Santa Claus day, when we put candies, nuts, chocolate Santa Clauses and toys to the boots of kids. Then we started to buy gifts for Christmas and to my daughter birthday.

I left 8 days off to end of December which means I have been at home from 15th December. Yes... I was also too bold to ask out the children from nursery and kindergarden, so I have been at home alone with them. It's exhausting...

I had a plan to pay computer games, reading books, watching series and films, but some of these plans go to the trash.

Dec 2, 2012

Busy November

As you saw I was totally inactive at last month. Lot of things happened with me and my family.

Lets start with the most important: my wife is pregnant. Again. The doctors predicted the "Third One" to the end of May. Our small flat will be really crowded. Not just only with baby cry, but with 3 children.

I finished my short short story for the contest, but I was not entirelly happy with it. I think I had a very good core idea, but the 22,000 characters were too less. Unfortunatelly I left the spice from it because of the thickening the story. I had too much expectation about it, but it was good for start. Maybe next time.

I don't statisfied with my other running projects as well. I won't finish the translation of Sacred 2 this year. My boardgame designing project also stranded. Borned new ideas, but nothing serious.
Last week I bought a boardgame, which was on my wishlist for a while: Tales of the Arabian Nights.

My colleauges invited me to a Basketball Business League, so I has been playing to basketball championship this year. Due to the late night match schedules it doesn't cause any problem to my family. (My daughter has 2-2 ballet-dancing and swimming course a week, which is also modified our family calendar.)

I hope December will be much untroubled and not so busy.

Oct 5, 2012

Ticket to Ride Europe

One of the most easiest and popular boardgame in every corner of the world is the Ticket to Ride series/family (Zug um Zug at Germany). You can play it with friends or play with against artificial intelligence of a phone, tablet or personal computer. But the real fun when you play it with your friends gathering around a big table.

If you not familiar with boardgames or you not like them, then you can still give a chance for the Ticket to Ride or the Ticket to Ride Europe. I have the Europe version of it, because it add a little more spice to the gameplay. I won't introduce all of the rules, I just wanted to tell about this game briefly.

The major components:
- 45pcs (+3 reserve) plastic trains in 5 colour
- 3pcs stations in 5 colour
- main destination cards
- regular destination cards
- a gameboard with a map on it
- lot of train cars

The goal:
You draw 1 main destination card and 3 shorter destination card in the begining of the game. You have to keep the main destination card and choose least 2 shorter destionation cards from the 3, and this will be your primary goal. You have to build train routes with the help of the train cards. Each route have a value. If you accomplish the building of a route between the to city indicated on the card you'll give the point. If you not, you will loose that amount. At the end of the game the most points win!

A round:
At your round you can do 4 things:
1. You can draw another 3 destination card and keep least 1.
2. You can build a road with the help of your traincard in your hand.
3. You can draw 2 train card blind from the deck or 2 from the 5 face-up ones from the table
4. You can build a station.

The last turn start, when somebody left only 2 or less plastic trains.

The rules are quite easy, but the fun factor of this game is high. With this game you can easily know the major city of Europe (or USA at the original version), you can build long train routes and defeat your fellow players.

I highly recommended this game for casual and heavy gamers at well. I think this is my wife (at the right side of the picture) favourite boardgame.

Sep 20, 2012


I have mixed feelings today, the day of the 10th aniversary of the first airing date of the cult-series, Firefly. We can be thankful for the FOX to ordering and sharing with us this great adventure. I liked almost every moment of the Firefly. But shame on you FOX for mixing the order of the show and after the dropping rates cancelling our entertainment!

I wasn't a big series-follower that time when I saw this one first. I was just a casual tv-viewer, who somedays watch a show or two. But the Firefly (and the Prison Break) was a real breakthrough... I became an addict for series. Most for the science fiction shows of course.

It wasn't an easy case, because I infected my wife as well. First she was unwilling to watch with me the first minutes but after she joined to me, and wanted to start over again. And after an episode she wanted to see another episode. It was crazy! We watched the whole season in a week. But after the last episode and the Serenity movie we both felt a big emptyness and a slight disappointment. We didn't want tbis end...

We wanted get back Mal, Jayne, Inara, Kaylee, River and the others back. The Firefly was a real milestone in our (my wife and me) relationship. We felt love into the sci-fi and/or sci-fantasy series, and our big journey continued with the Stargate, Stargate Atlantis, Battlestar Galactica and other shows as well. But this is another story to tell...

Take my love, take my land
Take me where I cannot stand
I don't care, I'm still free
You can't take the sky from me

Take me out to the black
Tell 'em I ain't comin' back
Burn the land and boil the sea
You can't take the sky from me

There's no place I can be
Since I found serenity
But you can't take the sky from me

Sep 17, 2012

Genre Favorites Blogfest

I deceided to participate my blogger-friend, the author of some great great books, Ninja Captain Alex J. Cavanaugh's actual blogfest, the Genre Favorites Blogfest. I'll try to use out the advantage of the local timezone and finish my post before the others. I've admit I was lazy to wrote it before, so I'm writting it now live, without any pre-schedule.

Favourite genre of MOVIE:

I knew as I looked to the first category it means very big problem to me, because I love more than 1 genre, but I have to choose 1 of them. At the first round I reduced my favourites to three: fantasy, sci-fi and based on comics. Maybe this third category doesn't exist so I deducted that one from the list. I'm still before the big decision because definatelly hard to vote one of my favourite. Maybe I'll break the rules when I say draw between fantasy and science fiction. Below you can see my reasons.

Fantasy: If you look into the past and try to find good - I mean really good - fantasy films you can find only one film (or filmseries) The Lord of the rings. But if you look in to the things deeper you can found other good films from the past. I have to mention only the classic, the one-and-only real Star Wars trilogy. It's a classic fantasy with knights, magic, valor and princess... but in space environment!

Sci-fi: I've admit I love the space and I love the science, but not every movie takes place in space means it's science-fiction (see Star Wars). I love the sci-fi movies when I have to thing about consequences of decisions, or think about the realisticness of the future. Sometimes I fell like we're already live in the future with great gadgets, but it's also cause a horrible feelings to. 

Favourite genre of MUSIC:

It was the easiest choice...
Rave: I still love rave music, and I can't explain why. Maybe about the rawness and the high BPM. These style really fast... Unfortuntely it's completely die to the 21st century, and the UK happy hardcore or much slower electronic musics are pure mockeries. I embeded one of my favourites:

Favourite genre of BOOKS:

I didn't allow myself the luxury to pick more than one favorite genre, so I choiced:
Fantasy: This genre give me the most pleasure and entertainment. I can completely switch-off my mind and I can imagine anything. While the sci-fi give some borders to a story, in the case of fantasy there are NO barriers. Luckily in genre of fantasy I can find the pulp-fiction and high-concept fantasy as well. I know I have to recite the name of great authors like Steven Erikson and George R. R. Martin, but as I sad I like the lighter books from authors like R. A. Salvatore or Elaine Cunningham. And I would be unfair if I have don't mention the writer of the mind-blowing Dark Tower series, Stephen King.

Guilty pleasure genre of movie:

It was also a hard decision... to choose a music genre (trance), or a book genre (sci-fi, detective stories or steampunk), but I choiced the previously mentioned
Comicbooks adaptions from movie category: At the past 3-5 years the comicbooks adaptations were the greatest hits to me. Due to the development of movie creating technologies these kind of films improved a lot, and we can believe these things can be real. We can see our childhood heroes on the big screens of movie theathers, and we don't think they're lames as we think the early Batman movies/series. Now we can believe Tony Start is a real person, Peter Parker able to walk on walls and the Avengers able to defend our planet at the end.
But I must admit the older comicbooks heroes have an ancient, nostalgic charm. We could love the old Batman and Superman with their underpants on their paints. And I still love the noir-feeling Sin City as the alternative history from the cold-war period of the Watchmen.

It was my post about my favorite genres. Maybe I should had found some other pictures and youtube videos to decorate the post, but I have to 5 hours left to early get up. So, maybe next time... ;)

Oh, I almost forgot. If you interested more about this blogfest and the other participants choices, then please visit will visit Alex J. Cavanaugh's blogpost!

Aug 26, 2012


I have admit I quite lazy about doing things. Mostly I like spent my sparetime with passive thing with watching series/film or reading books. But I'm running some projects pararell in my active sparetime, and I'd like to tell some words about them in my blog. I put it them different categories.

Because my whole family is a gameboad geek nest, it's almost obvious I'll try to do something like that. In my previous post I wrote about the bedtime tales spiced with a small portion roll/role-playing. I came to the conclusion I'd like to improve it further, with creating a map, with random events and 'children-friendly monsters'. It's a little bit funny, because many bad, horrible thing happens in the tales. There you can find hereos and the enemies of the heroes (villains, monsters, other bad things). There are many confrontations which have to solve with force or use of the cunningness of the mind. I'd like to implements these items and factors to my boardgame. I'm in the very beginning of it, but I have many good ideas and concepts.

At the past I translated many computer games from English to Hungarian. Translating things to my native language is not so hard thing, it only depends on the understanding of the original texts, and write them on Hungarian. Usually I have freedom enough to from the things as I'd like. There were some non-official translation (I did them voluntary without any payment from anyone) where I didn't translate everything words by words, and I Hungarising the texts not translating.
My last official translation was the Sacred 2: Fallen Angel, which is an Diablo-clone. The creators of the game were German, which means the original texts were German too. First the developers translated the texts to English then sent them to the translators of many countries to modify the texts to their language such as French, Italian or Hungarian. It was interesting because we got the original German texts are well, and we saw there are many difference compared to the English. So we had some hard, cumbersome time with the translation of the game, but the final product was really great. At the end my colleauge and me translated nearly 1 million English words to Hungarian.
Unfortunatelly the Hungarian distributor didn't agreed the term of distributing of the expansion of the game, so you can't buy Sacred 2 Ice & Blood and Gold from the local shops. We didn't get any support from the developers of th troubled company. We had offered them to translated the texts of the expansion for free, if we got translation tools but they refused.
But a German team wanted to pimp the game for the fans. They added to the game new monsters, quests and texts which means they've got a translation tool. Fortunatelly I got it from them, so I can export and import the texts I like. Now I'm at the 2/3 of the texts of the expansion. I hope I'll finish it this year.

I deceided to participate a novell-writing contest. I have to write a short novell with 5000-20000 words in fantasy or sci-fi genre, but in western style (like Firefly). In the story itself must be a sheriff, a priest and a dynamite. I almost finished with it, but there lot things to do with it. BUT, I knowing myself well enough to rewrite the story every time, when I look into it.

Aug 14, 2012

Bedtime tales... in my own way

I usually tell bedtime tales to my children. I used to read something from a book, or projecting something from my childhood collection, I had many classic tales from famous writters as Grimm, Andersen or from the Hungarian folklore. We - my wife and me - projected them the slide show with my nearly 20-years-old Russian projektor. But found something new...

I have started to tell them the classi bedtime stories in my own way, which means I spiced the tales with rolling dice. When I'm telling them the story of Little Red Ridding Hood, there is the possibility the little girl found another animal in the woods. And after a successful diceroll she miss the encounter, or it turns out the another animal is just a rabbit (not from the movie Monthy Python and the Holy Grail.) :)

The kids enjoy very much these kind of tales. They like rolling the colorful dice. I have many tiny 6-sided dice in many colors, as I have d4, d10, d12, d20 and d100 as well. So I have many opportunity to change the way of the tales. I think - in that way - the line is very thin between the roll-playing game and role-playing game. After I have finished a tale I mix the dice, and suggest to my daughter and son to collect together the same colors as Cinderella did in the tale. 

Unfortunately my wife doesn't like these kind of games, and kids are too young for a complex game yet, but maybe about 2-3 years later they will play with me. Maybe not Dungeons & Dragons or M.A.G.U.S, but something similar rpg.

A little bit strange, but my wife loves my stories which I tell the children. I'm trying to not put freaky or too bad things to the tales. But I think many tales of Grimm and the Hungarian folklore are simple horror stories. They can frighten the children.
What do you think about the horror content of the classic bedtime tales? What do you think about my 'new-style-bedtime-storytelling'?

Jul 31, 2012

Busy weekend with Formula One race

Friday my wife and me travelled to my parents and left there our children, because we were ahead a quite busy weekend. It was a pleasent ~250km long drive.

We spent the Saturday morning with cleaning and cooking some cakes for the Arkham Horror boardgame party. These preparation was exhausting, but luckily we just finished with everything just in time. The Arkham Horror boardgame party (with four of my twitter-friends) had took almost 5 hours long. It was a very interesting and exciting cooperative game, but unfortunatelly Cthulhu defeat us at the end. I enjoyed very much my first cooperative boardgame experince, with fighting against strange demonic monster in the dark city of Arkham. I think I want to get this game, but unfornatelly it's a little bit expensive.

Sunday morning I had to get up early (6 a.m.) because I got a ticket for the Hungarian Formula One race from a friend of my wife. Thank you Adrienn!

Saturday evening was a big storm, which only calmed down to the next morning. The rain still spat, so after I had fueled my car I went to buy a raincoat. The way to the race track wasn't as crowded as I expected. I was lucky and found parking place easily. When Adrienn and me arrived the rain stopped... and the hot and deadly ray of the sun started to roast us to red. Unfortunately the path from the gate to our seat was very muddy and slippery, so it wasn't easy to go up and down downs around the track.

We found our seats just in time, so we could enjoy the first race event of the day, the GP3 race with one Hungarian driver. He was on the 14th place on the starting grid, but thanks for the wet race track and the well-timed change of tires he finished at the podium, at the 3rd position. Unfortunately it was the most exciting race of the day...

To the second race, with GP2 drivers, the race track was almost dry, so the racers didn't have to change tires during the race. Due to this the number of overtaking dropped drasticly and we saw a boring race.

Before the main event, the Formula 1 race, we saw a so-called Porsche Supercup race too, but this was also eventless. That followed by the parade of Formula 1 drivers. They travelled a whole lap on the platform of a truck. They were waving to the crowd and answering the questions of the interviewer.

45-30 minutes before the race the drivers were trying the start procedure. I made a short video about it with my phone.

The Formula 1 race stated at 14.00. The sound of the engines were incredible. Especially at the start! Alas the race was boring, due to the special characteristic of the race track. As many drivers said, "the Hungaroring is very similar to Monaco, but without houses". There is no good place to overtakings. Furthermore Schumacher, my personal favourite driver had a very bad luck that day.

The feeling of a Formula 1 race is indescribable. The racers, the cars, the sound of engines, the crowd, everything...

The driving back to the city was a quite long. The mass of the cars moved slowly on the road, but we luckily arrived to the Arena, when the concert of Bryan Adams started . I met there with my wife, handed over to her to my ticket (our F1 tickets are valid for this event too) and the keys of our car, and I went to the station of the underground. Then a quick storm, with heavy rain arrived... I was soaked though in an instant moment. Yes, I was lame and left my raincoat and umbrella at the car.

These made my day complete and put into a frame: soaked, burned and soaked again. But I enjoyed this weekend very much, and I hope I'll have oportunity to repeat it again soon.

Jul 24, 2012

An Croatian vacation

Last year we went to Senj, which is also in Croatia. This summer we chose a little bit distant destination, Pula. Senj was 5.5 hours travel by car (500km), while Pula is about 6.5 hours (600km), so it was a quite exhausting drive with a 3 and a 4.5 years old children.

Pula is a small city, but the biggest in the peninsula with nearly 60.000 inhabitants. The city is to be located on the south part of the Istrian peninsula, near to Italy. It wasn't hard to recognize the similarities with neighboring country. You can easily feel it from the air, the style of the streets and houses if you ever been Italy. And they have got a coliseum.

Our tiny but tidy apartment was an small holiday resort called Horizont. We went in the pre-season, because it was a little cheaper, and we had a feeling about the good weather. We were right, because we could go to the beach every day during our vacation. The days were usually sunny, the nights warm, except 1-2 occasion when there were a little storm. The beach of this holiday resort was rocky, but we found one bay which was pebbly and better for the children.

My 4.5 year old daughter enjoyed very much swimming in the pleasant seawater, while my son didn't like the salt in it. At the and of our vacation my daughter was able to swim without any assistance, so I'm very proud of her.

We cheated a little bit, because we spent most of our days near to a pools of the holiday resort. There we could easily look after the children, when we could read and rest a while. Moreover there were active programs at the poolside for kids, which they enjoyed very much. The last week of our vacation there were a 30 minutes Mini Disco for them, which was they favourite program.

On our active days we visited the downtown and some sights of Pula

and also visited some nearby town as Rovinj
and Fazzana,

Tito's favourite island and summer residence, Brijuni 

and an 'green' peninsula Premantura.

It was a long trip with the chlidren but enjoyable

and relaxing holiday.

Jul 18, 2012

Discworld: Ankh-Morpork - The Boardgame

I love fantasy genre, I love humour, I like Terry Pratchett books as well, which take place in the strange Discworld. These elements led me to buy Discworld: Ankh-Morpork - The Boardgame by Martin Wallace.

Background story
Lord Vetinari left the city, so the lords of Ankh-Morpork want to get the rule over the capital of Discworld. Our aim to lead one of them to reach his aim, against the others. Is it looks quite simple? Well, it isn't. Ankh-Morpork is the city of chaos, where everyday strange things happens.

The components are quite good, and we have a feeling we got quallity product from our money. The cardboard map is awesome! The artwork on the cards are funny amazing, the wooden pieces (minions and buildings) are good. I have a little problem with the wooden coins and the inner storey, but it doesn't matter.

About the game
It's a 1 hour, 2-4 player game with many confrontation, backstabing and - as I mentioned before - with many chaotic element. I don't want to write much about the setup of board and this game, just only every player gets 5 card and $10. After we have choosen a personality card secretly, we can start the game.

The goal depends on the personality card we choose: we have to control x area, we have to x minions on the  board, we have to x troublemarker on the board, we have to collect x amount of money or we have to let play until the last card of drawing deck.

During our turn we play out cards, then drawing back 5 hand of cards. The played cards determine our actions: we can place a minion, we can build a building (this add some kind of bonus to your turns), we can remove a trouble marker, we can kill a minion, we can get money from the bank, we can interrupt an action, we can play another card or we can play an event card. Playing out random event cards means you start something chaos over city of Ankh-Morpork, and with these cards you can ruin the strategy of others... or yours. This add a funny part to the whole game, but sometimes it can be annoying as well.

I think it is a good, funny game with quallity components. If you like backstabing the others, and if you haven't got any problem with a little luck base then maybe it is your game. The interesting world of Terry Pratchett's Discworld adds lot to this game. If you didn't read any books from him, it's no problem and if you read... then you can met many familiar character from the books. You can quickly learn to love it, if you don't take it too seriously!

(source of the pictures: bgg)

Jul 11, 2012

Bye, bye, iGoogle!

I'm a big fan of Google. I love their apps/gadgets/sites like Google Docs, Google Maps, Blogger, Gtalk, Google Reader, etc. One of my favourite is the iGoogle.

Unfortunatelly Google announced they'll stop supporting this development at the future, and according the iGoogle page it will shut down 1st November 2013. I'm very-very sad, because this page, my startpage, is very usefull to me.

I can organize many things in one page. I have to push one (1!) F5 to refresh many important information to me like my incoming messages at GMail, the new Google Reader articles/posts, new twitter messages arrived to my account (TwitterGadget), some important bookmarks, shopping lists, etc. I think I'll have to find an alternative solution, an alternative page, where I can organize my important news sources.

Do you use iGoogle? Do you sad about the decision of Google? Or do you have alternative solution which can replace iGoogle?

Jun 22, 2012

I'm back...

... from my 2 weeks long summer holiday at Croatia (Istria, Pula). I had spent there very great days with my family, and I had oportunity to rest a little but. However these kind of long trips (6-7 hours by car) and spending the days with 2 lively kids are don't totally relaxing.
I'll write more about this 2 week soon, but now I try to catch up myself with many things (e-mails, Google Reader, blogs and reading articles to the Magyarítások Portál).

May 23, 2012

What speed do you read?

A fellow Hungarian blogger posted a site, where you can compare your reading speed with the US residents average. My result was 3% above the average, which is - I think - not so bad.
After the reading of a short page you'll give 3 questions to be answered. This'll check you read that page or not. Dear followers/readers I'm curious about your performance also. What speed do you read?

Update: You can set up the story, the fontsize and the lenght of text before test. Only you have to click into to gear icon at the upper right side of the frame.
(I have to add my reading speed in the case of a Hungarian text maybe a little bit faster.)

May 19, 2012

Am I geek enough?

Sometimes I just wondering how geek I am. I don't know, I'm very unsure the answer. Maybe I just put on the wrong questions. Am I a geek? Or I just want to be a geek? Or not?

First, I love any kind of electronic gadgets. I'm so lucky to be an owner of iPad 2, and I have admit I love it! But it isn't jailbreaked (yet?). As I have a smartphone with android OS, which is not rooted (yet?). Maybe I'm not really geek or not brave enough to be a real gadget-geek. (Sadly, I have to mention last week somebody stole my wife smartphone.) My love towards to any kind of computer and computer games is a well-known thing. I love look in to the case of PC's and identifying, upgrading the parts of it.

At my Hungarian blog I many times wrote about boardgames. It add an anothet geek-factor to my personality. 10 years ago I said the boardgames are stupid things and they just for kids/children. It's not true! Maybe a boardgame just a game as the name suggest it us, but it means great fun. I bought dozens of boardgames at the past five year, and nowday I live them better than the computer games. Unfortunatelly I haven't got chance to play with many geekish one as Battlestar Galactica or the famous Arkham Horror, but my favorite is a real tough game, the Race for the Galaxy.
I'm owner of 43 boardgame (excluded expansions), but I really count as a boardgame geek?

When I was teenager I bought many comicbooks. I adored for the colorful advantures of X-men, Spiderman, Superman or the mighty Transformers, as I had eagerly read less know comics like Bobo or Góliát. But somehow this devotion is suddenly disapeared. I don't remember the reason of, but something is changed. From an exact point I hadn't bought any comics for a long time, while at 2009 I bought the Watchmen series. Suprise! My all time comicbook adoptation is this movie! The Sin City was great, the new comicsmovies were great (Iron man, Captain America, Thor, etc) and I liked the Spiderman movies, but my personal favourite is still the Watchmen. I have to admit I haven't seen yet The Avengers, but I don't think it will change my mind... But who knows?

I always was a big science-fiction and fantasy fan (I'm sure I'll write about it later), which is still strenghten the geek-factor in me. 

So, as you see from my short post I love doing geek things. But may I say to myself "I'am a geek"? Or am I geek enough?

May 14, 2012

First Loves Blogfest

This is the first time when I participate a blogfest, so I'm very excited. I read about the First Loves Blogfest on Alex J. Cavanaugh blog, I decided to participate.
Movie: Star Wars - A New Hope
I was 9 or 10 years old, when I found the Empire Strikes Back cartoon at my father attic. The almost 15 years old comic completely amazed me, with it pictures and story. But this was the 5th(!) episode of a long saga, so I started to search after the other episodes. I found out this Hungarian comic is just the copy of a whole film-series called Star Wars, so I found a new mission: I wanted to watch the films.
In the end of the 1980 years there weren't internet yet, the only solution was the VHS or the satellite channels. I got the Star Wars A New Hope on VHS, with German language. I didn't understand a single word about it, but I loved it! I watched that tape many times within a week!
It takes years when I had oportunity to watch the A New Hope and sequels of it (Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi) in Hungarian. I love all part of the classic trilogy! The problems begin with the new ones...

Music: RMB - Experience
I always love the rave music, with it's high BMP number and the vibration. My favorite bands played very great songs when I was 15-18 years old, but great years of rave music is faded very fast. But still I really love listen this "old" songs.
My favorite formation called RMB and my most favourite song from them is the Experience.
Enjoy! ;)

Book: Dragons of Autumn Twilight by Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman
I read many books when I was young. I wrote about them at this blog, and mentioned some milestone book of me. My first, very big love was the Dragons of Autumn Twilligh by Weis & Hickman. It was suprising experience which I never known before. This book means the enter to the world of fantasy books.

Person: My wife
Yes, she was my really first love...