Dec 17, 2012

Busy and exhausting December

November was simply busy, but December is exhausting also...

In Hungary the national (annual of the revolution) and religious (Christmas) holidays have a special national treatment. If a holiday day in Tuesday or Thursday than we get the Monday or Friday for "free day", so it expand a little bit the weekends. But it have a negative effect of it also: there are some Saturday when we have to work these mentioned "free days".
Let see the modified agenda of December:
1st December was a workday (for exchange of the free 31 December)
15th December was a workday (for exchange of the free 24 December)
Is this common in your country too?

I was at home these Saturdays but it didn't mean any relaxing, because I was so bold to ask out the little ones from nursery and kindergarden. Moreover 8th December we were at a Christmas party held by the company where I work.

6th December was the Santa Claus day, when we put candies, nuts, chocolate Santa Clauses and toys to the boots of kids. Then we started to buy gifts for Christmas and to my daughter birthday.

I left 8 days off to end of December which means I have been at home from 15th December. Yes... I was also too bold to ask out the children from nursery and kindergarden, so I have been at home alone with them. It's exhausting...

I had a plan to pay computer games, reading books, watching series and films, but some of these plans go to the trash.

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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I guess it depends on the job. Mine is Monday through Friday, so no Saturdays ever. We're getting the Monday off before Christmas, but I'm also taking the whole week off as well.
Hope you get to stop and enjoy a little soon!