Mar 26, 2013

Was it a lucky day?

3 years ago
It was a bright sunny day in that warm afternoon, when I arrived from the work to the greengrocer to meet my family. We bought many vegetables and fruits for ourselves then we got on the bus. Our children were very tired after the exhausting day, so when we got off the bus they were in my wife and my arms... with the bags and pouches.
After we had arrived at home realized something is missing. One of the golden ear-rings of my daughter, Annamária. When we left it and how? We were very anxiuous about it, because she had got it from her grand-grandmother and it wasn't a cheap bijou.
The very next morning I went to my work. I had a faint hope my daughter had lost her ear-ring at the bus stop where we had got off the bus. The pavement wasn't entirely covered by asphalt. It was fragmented, and a huge hole completely filled with dust and sand. I crouched to investigate the ground... when my eyes caughted a small twinkling. It was the lost ear-ring.
YesterdayThe heavy snow had started cover the roads, the treats and everything when I got into my cars at my workplace. I intented to pick up my family and drop them to my daughter ballet-course. I then I received a desperate phone call from my wife. She had lost her wedding ring. I said her to calm down and search a little bit more, but she didn't found it. The snowing hadn't stopped...
I met them a parking lot and drop my daughter to her ballet-course, and after it I went back the scene where my wife lost her wedding ring. It was also bus stop.
My wife has curently on diet and the weather was cold enought the ring could fall off her finger. It was bounced one on the pavement, then rolled into dirty grass covered by snow. When we arrived back to the scene I had a bad feeling about we never found my wife ring. We had searching about 10 minutes, I combed out the ground my times, my fingertips were freezed by the cold snow... when I finally found it. My wife was very happy and I too.
But day wasn't over yet. When we arrived home my wife found a half-soaked paper at the snow of the parking place. It was 10.000 Hungarian forint (~40USD).
(My fingertips are still aching when I'm typing this blog entry.)

Mar 18, 2013

Top Ten Movie Countdown Blogfest

This is Alex J. Cavanaugh's Top Ten Movie Coundown Blogfest. I'll cheat a little bit, because I won't name my favourite movies... instead of I'll write about my most mentionable movie experiences in the time being. The order isn't important.

As I remember Batman was the first movie I ever see in a cinema. Tell the truth the place were I saw Batman was rather a cultural center of a small town (near to my hometown) than a movie theatre, but it was a great experience. The whole place was totally full, you couldn't find a free seat. As I remember we received some Batman poster from the director of the place, which was photocopied from an movie magazine.
This movie was a great hit that time, and I enjoyed very much. I loved the Batmobile, the cool gadgets, Batman, (Kim Basinger as well) but I'm afraid from the Joker. I think this was my first geek-movie experience.

Puss in the boots
Watchin the Puss in the boots was the occasion, when I was a movie theatre with my daughter. And there were nobody at this room but us, my daughter and me. Annamária was only 4 that time, but she enjoyed it very much. After the film, at the credits she started dancing before the movie screen. It was funny!

Nascar 3D: The IMAX experience
My first 3D experience in the movie theatres was the Nascar 3D: The IMAX experience. It was an 40 minutes documentary on the big screen. I always love cars, the racing, however my all-time favourite is the Formula 1, but enjoyed very much this film. I can realy feel the whole Nascar environment, the pulse and the feeling of it. I'd like to rewatch it sometime.

The Matrix
The Matrix was the bigest suprise I ever meet in cinemas! I know almost nothing about this movie before watching it. I hadn't got internet connection at home, and I saw just one trailer (I didn't understand a single word about it). The plot was awsome, as the tricks as well. Unfortunately the sequels ruined the whole Matrix-universe.

As a geek I'm a big fan of comics. The Watchmen was a blind spot to me. When I first saw the character posters I think to this film as a parody of Batman. But after I had do some research and bought the the comic books as well. The unique viewpont and the strange characters made this movie the best comics-based movie I ever see! I can't tell what I loved most about it, maybe everything.
I remember the day when I saw the Watchmen. It was a cloudy spring night when the light rain knocking on the top of my rabbit-fur hat. I almost felt all pain of Rorschach as it walking under the rainy, clouded sky.

The movie you mustn't miss in a 3D cinema! Unfortunately if you remove the 3D and CGI environment you got almost the same as the Pocahontas, not more. The Avatar wasn't a bad movie, however there were much better movies at that time, without 3D. It was also a big hit, but unfortunately it hasn't followed by the same quality 3D movies. If you know at least one, then named it!

Star Wars IV: A new hope
Funny, but the Star Wars IV: A new hope was one of my worst movie experience. It's not because of the film, or 'Greedo first-shoot' scene. The cinema was full of people, I just got ticket to 2nd row from the screen. The seat was very unconfortable... Moreover the couple behind me said I should stay low, because they didn't see anything because of me. I couldn't find the best position to watch the movie, strech my legs, staying low, so it was very unconfortable and unpleasant movie experience.

Saving private Ryan
We had my World War 2 movies on VHS format at home. The Saving private Ryan was a school-movie experience, when the whole secondary school visited the cinema. It was interesting to me the teachers let us watch this brutal movie. We just 14-18 years old that time. Saving private Ryan isn't my favourite WW2 film, but it has to watch too!

The Rock
Can you name a good film with Nicolas Cage recently? I don't think so, but the middle of the 90's he were in many good movie (Face/Off, Con Air, The Rock). Why I like The Rock movie so much? Not just because of Nic Cage, but Sean Connery, The Alcatraz, the Hummers. I think this was one of the last real action movie.

Valami Amerika
As you see from the previous items of my list, I primary watch action-based movie in the cinemas. I think watching a romantic/comedy in cinemas is throw money out of window. Of course there were some exceptions. One of the Valami Amerika (A kind of America). Unfortunately the Hungarian movie industry is poor, and the quality of films also. But this one was like a secret gem and gave my faith back to the Hungarian movie industry.

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