Mar 26, 2013

Was it a lucky day?

3 years ago
It was a bright sunny day in that warm afternoon, when I arrived from the work to the greengrocer to meet my family. We bought many vegetables and fruits for ourselves then we got on the bus. Our children were very tired after the exhausting day, so when we got off the bus they were in my wife and my arms... with the bags and pouches.
After we had arrived at home realized something is missing. One of the golden ear-rings of my daughter, Annamária. When we left it and how? We were very anxiuous about it, because she had got it from her grand-grandmother and it wasn't a cheap bijou.
The very next morning I went to my work. I had a faint hope my daughter had lost her ear-ring at the bus stop where we had got off the bus. The pavement wasn't entirely covered by asphalt. It was fragmented, and a huge hole completely filled with dust and sand. I crouched to investigate the ground... when my eyes caughted a small twinkling. It was the lost ear-ring.
YesterdayThe heavy snow had started cover the roads, the treats and everything when I got into my cars at my workplace. I intented to pick up my family and drop them to my daughter ballet-course. I then I received a desperate phone call from my wife. She had lost her wedding ring. I said her to calm down and search a little bit more, but she didn't found it. The snowing hadn't stopped...
I met them a parking lot and drop my daughter to her ballet-course, and after it I went back the scene where my wife lost her wedding ring. It was also bus stop.
My wife has curently on diet and the weather was cold enought the ring could fall off her finger. It was bounced one on the pavement, then rolled into dirty grass covered by snow. When we arrived back to the scene I had a bad feeling about we never found my wife ring. We had searching about 10 minutes, I combed out the ground my times, my fingertips were freezed by the cold snow... when I finally found it. My wife was very happy and I too.
But day wasn't over yet. When we arrived home my wife found a half-soaked paper at the snow of the parking place. It was 10.000 Hungarian forint (~40USD).
(My fingertips are still aching when I'm typing this blog entry.)


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

That was a lucky day! Found the ring and some cash.
Although I would avoid that bus stop. It likes to steal jewelry.

ediFanoB said...

Indeed a lucky day!

Your wife and your daughter will you even love more especially for your endurance.

The Desert Rocks said...

So glad you found the ring. Perhaps it's time to take it to a jeweler and have it re-sized!