Apr 3, 2012

Legend of Grimrock

When I first met with the Eye of the Beholder, I didn't know about anything Waterdeep, the Forgotten Realms, Faerűn or the strange creatures of this fantasy world. In spite of these I loved the theme of the game, and the enviroment with dark, dirty and stinking maze of underground tunels.
Unfortunatelly my English was very poor that time (I had learned Russian language at primary school years), so I barely understand the story and way to play the game. But it doesn't matter, because the Eye of the Beholder looks very cool with fighting against monsters, using sorcery, magic and the holy powers of clerics. But, somehow I never finished this game or its sequels. The quests and puzzles weren't easy to solve, and I had to draw a map about the dungeon.

But some years later I managed to finish the Lands of Lore (1 and 2) games, which were very similar to EoB because these are using the same engine. I still remember the gameplay, when I eagerly turning the pages of the English-Hungary dictionary. These games helped a lot to improve my vocabulary with many-many (useless) world.

Last week I run into a very pleasant suprise, the trailer of Legend of Grimrock. As I see this game will be deliver us the feeling of old-school PC role playing games. Unfortunatelly the new role playing games, such as Mass Effect, are very simple, built to console-base, and they aren't so complex than the old ones. This is the reason why I so happy about releasing Legend of Grimrock.

I just only hope it won't be a disapointment, but due to the decent price of game it will worth a try to buy. Is there any hope the golden are of RPGs are return? The releasing of Legend of Grimrock and the news about Baldur's Gate Enchanted Edition towards this way. And if these games came to iPad....

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ediFanoB said...

That looks great. As our PC at home is a bit older I have had a look at system requirements.
It seems it would be good to load the demo first and try ift runs smoothly or not.

I'm sure will test the game sooner or later. I look forward to your test result.