Feb 28, 2013

International TableTop Day

I ran into the below linked video today.

As you all know I'm a big fan of boardgames. I love almost kind of boardgames which are more than roll a die and step as many as the die shows. Rolling dice are fun, but I love more exciment, when I have oportunity to control the events throught my deceisions. However you can find the luck element in every game.
According the announcement of this video, 30th March will be the International TableTop Day. Because it'll Saturday I almost sure I'll play some kind of boardgame with my wife and children.

I'm very excited about our future choice, what we will play that day.

Do you have favourite boardgames? Do you will play that day? And if your answer is yes, then what'll you choose?

If you're interested about it more, then you should visit the Official website of this event.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

There's an official day for it - cool. We play board games in our house, usually trivia ones.

Ciara said...

An official day for it? Awesome. :)