May 4, 2012

Reading lamp... with solar power

Some months ago I had decided to buy a reading lamp myself. At home we almost replaced the old lightning bulbs to envinroment friendly solutition, mostly to LED lamps. The big advantage of LED technology is the low energy consumption (cca 3 Watts/hour).

My initial was I buy only LED-"bulb" to one of my reading lamp. Then I realized I had got enough reading lamp at home, so I started to seach a lamp with bulb. My first tought was the ebay. I found so many LED-lamps as I can imagine. As I had been browsing between the deals I ran into a solar-charging solution. The idea of this device is brilliant!

I purchased it from China, so I had had to wait some weeks before it arrived.

At daylight it is charging from the energy of the sun. Unfortunatelly - according to the manual - the fully recharging state takes for 16 hours. But is environment-friendly solution. Because the other way is changing though USB-cable (then the fully recharging time modified into 3 hours).

According to (and strictly according to) the manual after the fully recharging the lamp can light up 6-8 hours. It's not really true! If you're lucky, you can use it for 1 or 2 hours. From a certain point the light of the LEDs will reduce. However not sudenly, but gradually. It's more than perfect to me. I usually read 20-40 minutes per nights, so it's OK.

You can read a full description with details from this page. After a month usage I said it was worth to buy.

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